Hugh Johnson Holt is a 3-D metal artist with twenty five years experience in structural metal work, furniture design, interior design, welding, fabrication, and the arts. Nationally recognized sculptor shown in numerous galleries and exhibitions, including the Smithsonian Craft Show. Artworks include both large-scale abstract sculpture and smaller scale vessels, all inspired by a deep appreciation for the subtle power of simple organic forms.


Hugh Johnson Holt was born in Fresno, California in 1963. The son of a career sheet metal worker, he was introduced at an early age to the tools and techniques of metal working. As an adult, he spent many years using his skills to earn a living through multiple creative endeavors. Later, after fabricating a metal piece as a gift for a loved one, he realized that he also had tremendous potential as an artist and as a designer. It was this fortuitous epiphany that started him on his path as an artist and sculptor. His work was instantly received, and despite little formal training in the arts, his work sold as fast as he could produce it. As his success grew, so did the size of his works, leading him to his present phase of creating large scale abstract sculpture.


The common thread throughout his impressive body of work is the celebration of the power of the simple form. His work does not rely on a complicated narrative, but rather engages the viewer with the simple beauty of organic forms. Tension and grace, power and surrender all meld seamlessly into his sculptures. The mysteries and meanings behind his own inspirations are kept secret, allowing the viewer to form his or her own opinion and reactions to his work.




Hugh Johnson Holt - Metal Artist 1993 – Present

Sole Proprietor

Clients include both corporate and prestigious private collections and galleries throughout the Western United States.

Prestigious Art Events include:

2008- Smithsonian Craft Show

2005,2006,2007- La Quinta Fine Art Show

2007- Sausalito Arts Festival

2005,2007- Los Altos Rotary Fine Art Show

Gallery Without Walls, Lake Oswego, OR

Clients Include:

Kaiser Permanente, Orchards, WA

Whitworth College, Spokane, WA

Steam Plant Building, Spokane, WA

Gallery 903, Portland, OR

Desert Art Source, Palm Desert, CA

Richard MacKenzie, Palm Desert, CA

Sammy Hagar, Mill Valley, CA

Tom Hulce, Portland, OR

Many individual private collectors




Independent Designer/Fabricator 2012 – Present

Design and fabricate diverse range of custom works. Projects include theatrical props and sets, retail and restaurant environments, and other custom work for advertising agencies, corporations, and music videos. Clients include Nike, Wieden + Kennedy, heavy metal band “Tool,” Lauro Kitchen, Holocene, Dosha Salon, and more.

Michael Curry Design 2008 – 2012

Technical Craftsman/Mechanic

Tasked with bringing complex designs and concepts to life. Clients included global entertainment brands such as The Walt Disney Company, Cirque du Soleil, Universal Studios, The Michael Jackson Tours, The Olympics, and The Blue Man Group, as well as many international performance and stage companies.